Ambassadors Network for Dual VT


Our QC colleagues, Sergio and Sandra, participated the first day of the Ambassadors for Dual VT, which took place May 4th  in Madrid. The Alliance for Dual Vocational Training, made up of more than 750 members, has created a working group called Apprentices and Former Apprentices that aims to include the vision of students of this modality in the growth and development of Dual Vocational Training. The Network of Ambassadors for dual vocational training, consists of apprentices and former apprentices, is their main project. This network will have a first pilot phase from May to December 2018, and will carry out activities that will contribute to: Publicize Dual Vocational Training, improve the quality of Dual Vocational Training and promote the exchange of experiences at national and European level.


Sergio and Sandra are expected to continue collaborating with the project in which they contribute the experience of their Dual formation lived in their study centers as well as in Derypol.