Donation to Active Africa


For each Christmas detail given to its clients, Derypol has donated 1€ of it to ACTIVE AFRICA, an NGO which develops cooperation projects in the poorest rural areas of Malawi and Kenya so that the beneficiaries get economically involved and collaborate with their work and effort.


Our donation will help finance the canalization of Juja Farm, in the town of Juja, which is located at about 35 km from Nairobi, Kenya.


Even though the village is very close to Nairobi, Juja Farm is a completely rural area. The canalization of this farm will give employment to the young people and women that are currently in a situation of social exclusion. This project is a continuation of a series of actions. First, they bought the land, then they drilled a waterhole, and the next step is to canalize the area to be able to water the land. Once this is done, it will be possible to grow vegetables, and the people of the village have already agreed with the closest supermarket to sell the products.