News in our factory


We want to share with you that Derypol has appeared in the local newspaper of Som Les Franqueses. The news item details all the recent investments that have been made and are being made in our production plant during the last years.

New reactor for the manufacture of flocculating agents

We take this opportunity to share with all of you an excellent news: for this 2023 we are going to invest one million euros in the installation of a new reactor to expand the production of flocculants in our facilities in Les Franqueses.

This new reactor, which will come into service next January, will have the capacity to generate 22 tons of flocculant in each production run. Thanks to it, we will be able to produce more than 5,000 tons of flocculant per year, becoming the ninth reactor intended for the production of flocculant agents.

Since 2016 we have been working on improving our production capacity, incorporating new chemical reactors and expanding our facilities. In 2020 we carried out a new expansion of the flocculant production plant building in order to be able to locate new reactors, with more capacity, and thus expand and improve the company’s production.


Steady growth

Thanks to the new developments we have recently launched on the market and the constant progress and growth of our company, we will also inaugurate after this summer a new facility, of about 100 square meters, for product packaging.

The investment in this project has been 600,000 euros, and the construction of the building is almost finished. We are now waiting to install the automation systems and machinery to be able to start it up. In addition, we have also implemented a recipe management system and a bar code reading system that allows us to have greater control over the traceability of our products.

All this effort in investment of time and resources has paid off. We have closed the 2022 financial year with a turnover of more than 53 million euros, exporting to more than 60 countries, which represents 70% of our turnover. Currently, the Les Franqueses plant has 68 workers between the factory and the laboratories, and twenty more work at our headquarters in Barcelona, where our offices and administration service are located.
Looking ahead to 2023, we expect to continue growing at a rate of 6%, with the objective of manufacturing 35,000 tons of resins and flocculants and a turnover of around 56 million euros.