Our dual training adventure


Derypol had collaborated for many years in welcoming dual training students (FCT). In the 2016-2017 academic year we already welcomed the first student, we were one of the first SMEs in Catalonia to participate. Since then, we have already welcomed 9 students in this modality, and we have extended it beyond the laboratory. Now we welcome students to CQ, production, logistics and maintenance. We have also expanded the number of training centres with which we collaborate, we have gone from 1 to 3.

We would never have thought that thanks to the Bertelsmann Foundation we would end up sending our students to congresses in Malaga or Madrid, or even that one of our workers and her tutor would record a short report in an Antena 3 production company.

There is no doubt that we value this experience very positively, and the clearest evidence is that three students who have passed through Derypol are now part of our staff. In fact, the dual training has become one of the best tools we have for personnel selection. We can say that dual training is the quarry of Derypol.