Our small contribution to the world


Water scarcity in the African continent is a serious issue affecting millions of people and families every day. This problem is even worse in deserted zones, usually found in the Northern part of the continent. This year, Derypol has decided to take part in a project which is based in building tanks that gather rain water for the town of Lodung’okue, found in the county of Samburu, Northern Kenya. 10, 000 people live in this town and they rarely receive water throughout the year, which generates a huge problem for them. When rainy season comes, they are unable to recollect the water because they don’t have the necessary means to do so. This is why the Lodung’okue women have to travel up to 4km by foot to search for drinking water and then transported in 20 L containers all the way to their homes. With this donation, we will build the infrastructures these people need to take advantage of the rain and have safe and clean water. This also helps the women, giving them the opportunity to invest their time to be with their families and other activities. It is important to point out that this project will be powered with sustainable solar panels that use the sun of the desert to work.  For more information you can check Active Africa`s webpage.