Social responsibility

Derypol, in its interest, to respect the environment with regard to the industrial activity carried out in the production center and the possible repercussions of the products and waste generated, incorporates Social Responsibility into its work method in a combination of legal aspects, ethical and environmental.


The Earth is thirsty.

Species extinction, drought, deaths, poverty, climate change.

These are just some of the consequences of the lack of drinking water on our planet. Needs are increasing and reserves are decreasing. It is one of the most precious goods of humanity.

Here at Derypol, we want to contribute to improve the quality of water, to make its use more efficient and to favor the preservation of the ecosystem. We do this by manufacturing polymers that help make the catchment water drinkable and purify the wastewater from discharge being at the same time, polymers environmentally friendly in their use and during their manufacturing process.

Our continuous technological innovation allowed us to develop the exclusive range of HIMOLOC polymers, flocculant polymers that meet our objectives and values, demonstrating that the sustainability of the earth is not at odds with the sustainability nor with our customers. Thus, also participating in making the world a much more sustainable place.