textile and leather

Derypol, with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing resins and polymers, has the technology and experience necessary to develop products with applications in very diverse markets, such as textiles, tanning, construction, etc.

We use monomers such as acrylamide, various acrylates, styrene, acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, acrylonitrile and DADMAC among others; both in solution and in aqueous emulsion when manufacturing these polymers. They are the faithful result of our history, our innovating goals and advanced technology to develop specialized and sophisticated products. All of them are the result of extensive research and are made following the most demanding criteria of excellence and quality.


For the Textile division we manufacture special products for the textile dyeing, printing and finishing processes. They are highly effective resins and polymers that meet all safety requirements and, as always, have the utmost respect for the environment. Our range of products for the textile industry is designed to combine economic performance in its use and at the same time taking maximum care of the environment.


For the Leather division we manufacture special products to improve the Quality of Leather. They are resins and polymers that can be used in the tanning, retanning and finishing process, providing improvements and special characteristics to the leather, seeking to improve its quality as much as possible at a competitive cost. They are highly effective products that meet all safety requirements and, as always, have the utmost respect for the environment.