Derypol Polymers

Our HIMOLOC products are flocculants where chemistry is art, to achieve the easiest to use polymers, the most respectful for the environment, exclusive, unique and different, the most efficient in many applications, innovative and sometimes magical.

Derypol works to detect market needs and research and develop products that satisfy them. Our concern for the environment has become our main objective. For this reason, we only use processes and products that respect the environment.

Our product range is the result of our commitment to innovate and use advanced technologies for the development of specialized and efficient products. All our products are the fruit of extensive research and are made in accordance with the most demanding criteria and quality.

Within our range of products, those of HIMOLOC Technology stand out, being the last world evolution of flocculants that are usually manufactured in powder or emulsion (solvent-based liquid). This exclusive technology of water-based liquid polymers offers multiple advantages, standing out for its versatility, high efficiency, ease of use and for being the most sustainable with the Environment (free of solvents and surfactants). Among the different series that combine common monomers and other exclusive ones, there are also totally Acrylamide-Free flocculants.

In addition to products for Water Treatment (Core Business), we also produce exclusive polymers and resins for different markets such as Paper, Cosmetics and Detergency, Oil & Gas, Mining and Dust Control, Tanning, Textile and additives for Construction, generating a true and sustainable added value and this challenge being a requirement to achieve the best possible balance between ecological, social and economic needs.

Our R&D&i department is continuously working together with our customers to develop innovative products, fundamentally based on HIMOLOC technology, to meet the new needs that continually appear in these markets, so new products are frequently presented to the market that end up becoming successful products. We recommend keeping an eye on our news and in continuous contact with our sales representatives.

Likewise, through our R&D&i department, at Derypol we are always open to carrying out collaborative projects to develop new products, with very diverse applications, according to the guidelines and agreements established with our customer/s.

Water treatment

For water treatment, our most important exclusive technology is HIMOLOC products, where two different ranges of products stand out: cationic and anionic dispersed flocculants.

Pulp & Paper

HIMOLOC technology makes it possible to obtain exclusive and highly effective polymers that make a difference in many of these applications.

Personal & home care

The extensive knowledge of the monomers used, their interactions and their effects on the resulting polymer, allows us to develop products with the most suitable characteristics.

Oil & Gas

HIMOLOC technology offers service companies, operators and refiners multiple opportunities to improve their production and profitability.

Mining & Dust Control

HIMOLOC technology allows us to develop specific polymers for mining and dust control offering many advantages compared to the usual ones on the market

Resins: textile and leather

Derypol, with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing resins and polymers, has the technology and experience necessary to develop products with applications in very diverse markets, such as textiles, leather, construction, etc.