HIMOLOC technology

The flagship of Derypol products are the aqueous dispersion polymers which form the HIMOLOC Technology. They are solvent- and surfactant-free polymers and even acrylamide-free series are available. Their versatile monomeric composition, easy to prepare, high efficiency in multitude of operations and being the most environmentally sustainable technology, make them unique in the market.

HIMOLOC Technology can be defined in 5 words:

1. Green: Both due to its composition (free of solvents and surfactants) and its manufacturing process, it is the most environmentally sustainable flocculant technology with the lowest Carbon Footprint on the market.

2. Blue: Due to the absence of solvents in its composition, it helps reduce the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere, providing us with cleaner air and a bluer sky.

3. Easy: The easiest flocculants to dissolve on the market. A simple static mixer may be sufficient and sometimes they can even be dosed directly.

4. Versatile: It can be used in different sectors such as: water treatment, cosmetics, textiles, paper, oil & gas, mining and dust control.

5. Innovative: Our R&D&I department is continually developing innovative and effective polymers, in line with market needs.

Water Treatment

For water treatment, our most important exclusive technology is HIMOLOC products, where two different ranges of products stand out: cationic flocculants and anionic dispersion flocculants.

Pulp & Paper

HIMOLOC technology makes it possible to obtain exclusive and highly effective polymers that make a difference in many of these applications.

Mining & Dust Control

HIMOLOC technology allows us to develop specific polymers for mining and dust control offering many advantages compared to the usual ones on the market

Oil & Gas

HIMOLOC technology offers service companies, operators and refiners multiple opportunities to improve their production and profitability.