Polymer manufacturers

We make polymers, we care for the environment and the people.

More than 50 years manufacturing chemical products.

Derypol was established in 1967 and the main activity was to manufacture polymers for the textile market.

Our production plant located in Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona – Spain) was launched in 1970 having only a reactor and a small laboratory to begin our journey in the chemical industry.

Over the time and always with an innovative spirit, we have been increasing our presence in new market sectors, expanding the range of polymers and facilities to meet our customers’ needs.

Currently our company and our facilities have a great capacity to adapt to the market needs such as Water Treatment, Pulp&Paper, Personal Care & Home Care, Oil & Gas, Mining and Dust Control, Leather, Textile and additives for Construction. All the developments generating a true and sustainable added value in a challenging way, being a requirement to achieve the best possible balance between ecological, social and economic needs.

In the last 10 years we have almost doubled our sales and tripled our profit indicators, surpassing the figure of 1000 customers and exporting to more than 60 countries outside our borders representing more than 60% of our total sales. We commercialize exclusive technologies and we continue to generate new products that will guarantee the future of our company.

Human Resources

At Derypol, we are aware that our main asset is our staff, we have a team of professionals who provide the highest technical level so that our products and our services are the most optimal.

It is of vital importance for Derypol to achieve the quality of its products through our staff, and in order to have productive people it is essential to provide them with training. We understand training as a continuous and planned process based on the needs of the company and the worker.

Derypol’s HR department ensures the integration of people in the organization, and is concerned with maintaining the conditions and working relationships so that all staff can develop personally and professionally.

If you want to join our staff and develop your professional career, you can send us your Curriculum Vitae.


Part of Derypol’s corporate culture is its commitment to develop its activity from the value of personal integrity of all its members and from the scrupulous respect for legality. The excellence and satisfaction of our clients are based on an ethical model of activity, whose starting point is the respect for current legislation and productivity without any harm to our employees, third parties, our environment or, ultimately, to the society in which we operate. These values not only respond to the ethical conviction of its administrators, but also make Derypol a more competitive and efficient company.

As part of this commitment, we have developed management tools that allow us to act in accordance with our values and to reasonably ensure that all our employees and managers carry out their activities in accordance with the law.

Not only have we adopted a code of conduct for all personnel, the violation of which will result in disciplinary sanctions, but we have also implemented, in accordance with the Criminal Code and the best international standards, a criminal risk prevention system based on stringent controls and constant monitoring of the company’s various processes and activities. In addition, we have set up an oversight body to ensure compliance with the prevention program and established an internal communications (complaint) channel, whose regulations take special care to respect data protection and the rights of those who report or have been reported.

This initiative stems from the leadership of Derypol’s Board of Directors because, beyond any legal provision, we know that the values within an organization cannot be assumed in their due fullness without their impulse from the highest management.