Innovation and the development of new products has always been the engine which has made us one of the most pioneering companies in the flocculants and polymers field.


Innovation and the development of new products have always been the engine that has made our company one of the most pioneers in the field of flocculants and water-soluble polymers.

Undoubtedly, one of the successful bets that marked the future of Derypol was the establishment of an exclusive R&D&i department in 2001, creating a team of doctors specialized in different fields of chemistry. The main factors for the success of this department are interdisciplinary collaboration and the permanent exchange of knowledge and experiences. The experience and close cooperation with the different areas of the company provide a set of knowledge that makes us leaders in the manufacture of flocculants in aqueous dispersion and a very requested interlocutor by our clients.

Since the creation of the department, numerous different innovation projects have been developed, many of which have been scaled to the plant for their manufacture and are already part of the Derypol product range, representing more than 80% of our current sales.

Another index that shows the importance of this department and its continuous improvement is the Vitality Index (percentage of sales of products developed in the last 5 years) and which stands at 15%, being the highest of similar companies in the market and that shows how active and alive the company is.

At Derypol, we are clear that our research today is the foundation for future successes.


The investigations carried out by Derypol are not limited to the company itself, but are open to other innovation centers and are the result of collaboration with the clients themselves or joint developments with other companies. The main factors for the success of the research work are collaboration and the permanent exchange of knowledge and experiences, both internally and externally.

This close collaboration with our clients allows us to detect the continuous needs of the market and adapt quickly to the changes of an increasingly volatile environment.

Application Department

In Derypol’s Application Department, the most sophisticated analytical methods and instrumentation are available to perform customized and specific studies and analyses for most of the markets in which our products are applied. These studies are carried out by specialized technicians with years of experience, always ready to solve the problems posed by customers and in close collaboration with our sales technicians.

Thus, for example, in the Water Treatment area, the Application Department receives a multitude of real samples of water and sludge on a daily basis, the problem of which is carefully studied by our technicians and solved as far as possible, so that later, our team of commercial technicians can carry out a test on an industrial scale with the maximum guarantees of success.