Donation to Active Africa


For each Christmas detail given to its clients, Derypol has donated 1€ of it to ACTIVE AFRICA, an NGO which develops cooperation projects in the poorest rural areas of Malawi and Kenya so that the beneficiaries get economically involved and collaborate with their work and effort.

Our donation will help to finance the construction of a water well in the town of Chamalire (Mwansambo, Malawi), which is located about 50 km away from their Benga mission.                                                                           

The water well, which usually becomes a meeting place for the beneficiaries, will benefit the entire population of the area, including the three schools in town.

For the Chamalire locals, having a close source of water to their homes decreases the time dedicated to obtain it, which implies an immediate impact on the family economy and guarantees an improved personal hygiene, reducing the risk of illnesses such as typhoid fever, malaria, bilharzia or amoebas.